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iPhone Pricing 

Broken iPhone? Sell-Phone Clinic is the best ! With our fast and professional iPhone repair services available 4 days a week, there is nothing Sell-Phone Clinic can’t fix! From a completely shattered iPhone screen, a battery that doesn’t last like it used to, or even liquid damage, our technicians have years of experience fixing a wide variety of the most common iPhone problems. Starting from iPhone 5 to the iPhone 12 pro max, we have the parts, experience and expertise to get your iPhone back up and running, all within the same day and without breaking the bank! Call Sell-Phone Clinic today or schedule an appointment!


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Cracked Glass $50

Broken glass? let us take care of it for an affordable price! This does not include LCD rates. 

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Charging Port $50

Typically when your phone is having issues with charging, this often leads to needing a charging port replacement

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Rear Camera $50

cracked cameras won't help you have the best quality that your phone has to offer. 


Home Button $40

Home button giving you issues? let us replace it for you! Please keep in mind that once the original home button is replaced, the touch id fingerprint will no longer be available with the new home button.


Battery $50

Phone isn't keeping a charge? cutting on and off? This may be a battery issue.


Front Camera $50

cracked cameras won't help you have the best quality that your phone has to offer. 


Rear Cam Glass $40

Cracked camera glass? we have the experience to replace it !


Back Replacement $60

Cracked glass on our devices are not appealing. Let us replace it today !

What Our Clients Say


Isabel Gonzalez

"I went in yesterday looking for a PS5 for my son and I was able to leave with one. Super helpful super pleasant and will definitely be going back to shop some more"
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